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Omega Solar & Batteries Launches Installation Services for Commercial Purposes

Omega Solar & Batteries, a locally owned family business focusing on solar systems installation, is proud to announce that they are now offering their services for commercial properties. With over 10 years of experience in powering properties with solar energy in the Gold Coast area, as well as South of Brisbane River, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, the company is no doubt committed to providing custom energy solutions to businesses.

Commenting on the service, the Company Director and Senior Solar Technician, Greg Wilson said that their goal is to uphold the company’s vision. “To help the wider community attain energy independence from their electricity retailers. We strongly believe every person is entitled to clean, renewable sources of energy.”

The number of commercial businesses that are switching to Photovoltaic (PV) solar system solutions is on the increase. A PV system is designed to supply solar power via photovoltaics, which usually consists of solar panels, solar inverter, as well as mounting, cabling, and other electrical accessories. 

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Apart from the fact that solar energy is better generally for the environment, it can also help save huge costs on commercial properties, especially businesses and schools.

Taking advantage of the natural sunlight by installing solar panels, which capture energy from the sun to power property is a wise decision. Especially at a time when other businesses on the Gold Coast and surrounding regions are already utilizing solar energy solutions.

Omega Solar & Batteries understands this and has established a solid presence in the area for premium installation and maintenance of solar-powered energy. Some people may think that solar power is not as efficient or affordable as other types of energy. On the contrary, solar power is not only more efficient and affordable than most energy sources but also more reliable.

As a company that understands that investing in a solar energy solution is a considerable investment for business owners, Omega Solar & Batteries take every precaution during solar panel installation to ensure the safety and quality of every project is to a high standard. 

Unlike most solar on the Gold Coast that is dominated by a largely unregulated sales model, the company has put specific measures in place to show businesses that they can be trusted with meeting their energy needs. They also guarantee safety and quality for all their products and services.

Furthermore, the company ensures their customers do not experience power failure by ensuring proper installation, backups, and maintenance. With this, businesses can run effectively without any interruptions. 

Since 2008, Omega Solar & Batteries has been actively providing solar energy solutions to customers. 

One of their satisfied customers, Max Atfield said, “Omega Solar & Batteries were very good and handled my issue with another installers system in the best possible way Very satisfied with the result and the cost was reasonable too. They will get all my business in the future.”

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“Omega Solar installed solar power on four of my properties in 2012, the install was painless and their customer service great. I have had nothing but prompt service whenever I called the office. I highly recommend Omega Solar to anyone wanting a top-quality solar system with awesome service and price.” Another customer, Graham Magoffin, added.

Omega Solar & Batteries brings over a decade of experience and indigenous knowledge of solar energy solutions to bear for commercial properties that want to enjoy effective, reliable, and uninterrupted power supply at affordable rates.

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About Omega Solar & Batteries

Omega Solar & Batteries is a locally owned family business. They have been actively installing solar systems for the wider community since 2008. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, their local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system.


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