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Omega Solar & Batteries Offers High-Quality Solar System Products

Omega Solar & Batteries, the leading company that focuses on providing cost-effective solar energy for residential and commercial properties, provides quality products from top manufacturers to help customers meet their solar energy needs. They stock a range of high-quality products including solar batteries and panels from Sonnen, LG, and Tesla.

On their company, their spokesperson reiterated the company’s mission statement, “To deal with our customers with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of service and quality. We deliver innovative, energy-efficient, cost-effective solar solutions with the highest levels of client service and comprehensive compliance knowledge.”

Continuing, the spokesperson said, “Solar power is still the most reliable source of energy to power homes and offices. As a leading company that has been actively installing solar systems since 2008, we are committed to giving our customers maximum satisfaction. Our solar panels and installation solutions provide huge benefits to our customers, as well as the environment.”

Winter Energy Saving Tips - Omega Solar & Batteries Offers High-Quality Solar System Products

One of the most effective ways of reducing carbon footprint is by tapping into solar energy. This can be used for different purposes. By installing solar panels on the rooftop and combining other related products, electricity can be generated that can be used for all residential and commercial needs.

Omega Solar & Batteries stock LG solar panels. These panels, and particularly the NeON panel range enjoy many technical advantages. As a result of this, LG can have better performance, as well as overall more electricity output with their solar panels. This is evident when compared with other panels. 

Another product offered by the company is the Powerwall 2 by Tesla. It offers a reliable and advanced solar storage solution that helps consumers power their properties. When combined with a solar system, it is guaranteed to meet all the energy needs of any property. It also has an advanced monitoring feature via the Tesla App to help consumers stay in complete control of their homes.

The exciting thing about the Tesla Powewall 2 is that it can detect power outage occurrence. Then it disconnects consumers from the grid, and automatically restores power in milliseconds, without the consumer experiencing a power outage. This means appliances and lights will continue to function with uninterrupted solar energy. The powerful solar energy battery from Tesla prevents the solar system from shutting down when there’s a power failure.

Furthermore, the Powerwall 2 uses an internal inverter to convert DC energy into AC energy, lowering the cost and complexity of the unit. It is child and pet-friendly, water-resistant and dustproof, and can be installed either indoor or outdoor, and can be wall or floor-mounted. It also has liquid cooling controls that not only maximize the battery life but also improve the safety of the product.

Consumers can only enjoy the benefits of these products from Omega Solar & Batteries as they don’t compromise on the quality of their products and services.

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“Quality of service, their safety awareness, their knowledge of solar systems, and their expertise makes dealing with Omega Solar & Batteries an easy and enjoyable experience. No problem has been too big or small which they proved 100 fold as they had to deal with an issue we had with our previous installer. They have always been prompt when I have called and their customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend Omega Solar & Batteries. You won’t be disappointed”, said Julie Stooke, a customer of the company.

Omega Solar and Batteries only use high-quality products from top-rated manufacturers to give their customers a trouble-free experience. All products are available at great prices. This ensures customers enjoy solar to the fullest and with peace of mind. 

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About Omega Solar & Batteries

Omega Solar & Batteries is a locally owned family business. They have been actively installing solar systems for the wider community since 2008. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, their local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system.


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