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Solar Panels are Increasingly Popular, Should You Own It?

Omega Solar & Batteries is glad to announce its solar installation services for residential and commercial properties. Solar energy offers immense benefits to both home and business owners. The company also offers exceptional solar repair services that help save the cost of replacing an entire solar system. They are based in Gold Coast but extend their services to the South of Brisbane River, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay.

There is a growing interest in solar installation. Therefore, a lot of people want to know the benefits they can derive from installing solar panels on the rooftop of their properties. Most people already have the idea that solar energy benefits the environment because it is 100% renewable, reliable, and clean. But how does it benefit property owners?

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It can help them pay less for electricity, as well as lock in the price of electricity. That is, they know exactly how much they are going to pay for electricity over a period of time. Reducing financial strain is one of the key benefits of solar energy for homes, but that’s not all.

Solar energy offers diverse significant benefits to homeowners and consumers. “A high-quality tailored solar system will create long-lasting positive impacts on the environment we live in and share. More importantly, investing in solar will generate the most positive impacts on your finances, and improve your quality of life at home,” says Greg Wilson, Director and Senior Solar Technician of Omega Solar & Batteries, a company that focuses on solar panels and installations for residential and commercial properties.

While the cost of a solar system may seem out of reach, a premium solar system can repay itself within a space of 3 years. If the energy being produced through the system is utilized, the consumer stands to gain huge financial.

Furthermore, solar energy helps homeowners adapt to increasing electricity prices. Since they only need to pay for the installation once, their financial benefits gained only increase as the payback period decreases. Once completely financed, the solar system will continue to benefit the owner and the home even though electricity costs increase.

To businesses, the benefits of commercial solar are also huge. It impacts the electricity bill and also slashes operating costs for business. Also, with the cost of running solar decreasing, businesses can benefit from the long-term savings with a manageable payback period. 

Quality solar systems require little maintenance once installed. This means business owners do not have to worry about the cost of constant maintenance. To even bring down disruption to the barest minimum, Omega Solar & Batteries has monitoring software that can provide real-time production data for the installer. This notifies them via email if the program suspects any issue with the system so they can move out swiftly and rectify such. 

To ensure people enjoy their solar to the fullest with peace of mind, Omega Solar & Batteries also offers repair services. For any suspected underperformance solar issues, they have the experience, knowledge of all brands of solar maintenance, as well as inverters and panels. Repairs can help bring solar back to life instead of spending more money on installing a new solar system.

Each service visit includes a full diagnostic of the solar system; cabling check; fasteners and connectors check and tightening; assistance with any warranty or insurance claims; and a full report emailed to the consumer based on findings.

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“I recently had a system installed and the experience was efficient and easy from start to finish… very happy. Highly recommended,” said Amy Baker, Omega Solar & Batteries customer.

The best approach to enjoying these benefits, at home or office, is choosing a solar company like Omega Solar & Batteries to install a solar system to match your energy needs.

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Omega Solar & Batteries is a locally owned family business. They have been actively installing solar systems for the wider community since 2008. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, their local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system.

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