Solar Inverter Repairs Gold Coast

Have you noticed that your energy bills have increased significantly recently or that your solar is not working? Solar inverter repairs may need to be performed on your system. We can help.

Repairing your damaged solar inverter may be a fraction of the cost to replace your inverter entirely. We have access to older makes and models of inverters meaning if it is a simple part replacement we will be able to get your inverter back up and running without the financial hassle.

If your inverter has been damaged during an electrical storm on the Gold Coast we can provide the necessary paperwork for any insurance claims. This will ensure your warranty process is hassle free. We specialise in solar inverter repairs Gold Coast, and with over 10 years of solar servicing experience, we can fix inverters both old and new at a fraction of the replacement cost.

SMA 5KW Inveter Gold Coast Solar - Solar Inverter Repairs

Our Service Process

1. Verify that it is the Solar inverter causing the problem

  • In many cases with solar inverter faults, a fault code will be displayed highlighting the issue. We will analyse your inverter and fault code, to find the root cause of your inverter issue. 
  • We can run you through a safe shutdown procedure over the phone to try and troubleshoot an issue your inverter may have. This will save you having to call out a technician when a simple reboot can fix the problem.

2. Work out the cost to repair

  • Once we have established that there is an issue with your solar inverter, we will determine whether we can fix the issue without replacing the inverter entirely. 
  • We will attempt to provide you the most cost-effective solar repair option every time. If the inverter can be fixed with a simple parts replacement we will present you with that option.

3. Return your solar system to working order

  • Once the appropriate repair option has been organised, our fully qualified technicians will re-install and commission your inverter quickly to get your home producing solar energy ASAP.