Solar Panel Repairs Gold Coast

Have you noticed that your energy bills have increased significantly recently or that your solar power system is not working? Solar panel repairs may need to be performed on your system. We can help.

Repairing your damaged solar panels may be a fraction of the cost to replace your solar power system entirely. We have access to older makes and models of solar panels meaning if it is a simple part replacement we will be able to get your panels back up and running without the financial hassle.

If your solar panels have been damaged during an electrical storm we can provide the necessary paperwork for any insurance claims. This will ensure your warranty process is hassle free. With over 10 years experience in solar energy, we are the best option for all solar panel repairs on the Gold Coast.

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Keeping Your Solar Panels Firing

Solar panels need to be properly maintained to ensure they are always firing on all cells. It doesn’t take much for overall output to be impacted by external factors. For example, if one panel becomes dirty or gets debris stuck on it, this can affect the overall output of your entire solar power system (for string inverter systems). How often you should clean your panels will be dependent on the type of area you live, the environment around you, how many birds/bats flock over your home, etc. Residents on the Gold Coast and the coastline are especially prone to buildup of salt on the solar panels. We, along with the Clean Energy Council, recommend that you have your solar panels serviced once a year at a minimum. This will ensure you continue to get the most out of your solar power investment for its lifetime.

Solar Panel Cleaning

On top of ensuring you following a servicing schedule for your solar panels, it’s just as important to make sure they stay squeaky clean! We recommend that you clean your solar panels at least TWICE per year. Again however, the frequency of cleaning will depend on the location you live, and harsher environments will mean having to clean your panels more often to ensure they are maintained. Our service and cleaning team use only the safest equipment which keeps you, your family and your solar panels safe all year round.

Our Service Process

1. Verify that it is a solar panel issue

  • Our Gold Coast based service technicians use the latest technology to identify where the fault is in your solar system.
  • If a panel fault is found, we can highlight the affected panel/s and recommend the best method for troubleshooting.
  • As we have access to old parts/panels, we can recommend a similar panel to replace the affected one which will save you money. 

2. Work out the cost to repair

  • Once we have established that there is an issue with the affected solar panel, we will determine whether we can fix the issue without needing to replace the system. 
  • We will attempt to provide you the most cost-effective repair option every time. If the solar panel issue can be fixed with a simple parts replacement or panel swap out we will present you with that option.

3. Return your solar power system to working order

  • Once the appropriate solar power repair option has been organised, our fully qualified technicians will re-install and commission your system quickly to get your home producing solar energy ASAP.

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