Delta Batteries

Residential Storage System

Delta’s BX6.3/12.6_AC100 series of high-reliability Li-ion batteries offers home energy storage with capacities of 6.3 or 12.6 kWh. These batteries can be integrated into home PV systems and scaled up to 12kWh for future needs. The BX6.3/12.6_AC100 helps homeowners optimize energy management by storing excess solar energy and providing backup power during emergencies or outages. This solution enhances the efficiency and reliability of home energy systems, ensuring a sustainable and secure energy supply.

  • High reliability Li-ion battery with 6.3 / 12.6 kWh capacity

  • Scalable battery module (up to 12kWh) for future expansion

  • Built-in power meter simplify system complexity

  • IP65 and robust design which can afford 5000 kg shock

  • Wide operation temp (-10 to 45°C) ensure household safety
delta 6.3 battery - Delta

Only need one Wi-Fi router to enjoy Delta cloud service​

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