GoodWe Inverters

MS Series | Single phase | 3 MPPTs

The MS Series inverters, available in 5-10kW for single-phase systems, are perfect for all residential solar power systems. With 3 MPPTs, they meet the diverse needs of residential properties, including complex rooftops. These inverters can handle up to 200% more solar panel power than their rated capacity and support up to 110% AC overloading. Starting at just 80V, the MS Series begins generating power earlier than competitors and operates at a high efficiency of 97.7%. They work well with bifacial solar panels and can handle up to 16A per string. For safety, the MS Series includes built-in Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) protection and is lightweight for easy installation.

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The MS Series inverters start working at just 80V, which is much lower than many competitors. This means your solar system can begin generating power early in the morning and keep working until late in the evening, even in low light conditions. This allows you to harness as much solar energy as possible throughout the day, maximizing your energy production.

Low Startup Voltage, High Generation Yield

  • Compatible with bifacial modules: Works with advanced solar panels that generate power from both sides.
  • Low startup voltage: Starts generating power at just 80V, capturing energy even in low light.
  • Up to 110% AC output overloading: Can handle more output than its rated capacity for better performance.
  • Up to 200% DC input oversizing: Supports more solar panel power than its nominal capacity, maximizing energy capture.
  • 3 MPPTs: Optimizes energy production from multiple panel orientations.
  • 97.7% max. efficiency: Operates at a high efficiency level, converting more sunlight into usable energy.
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GoodWe Hybrid Inverters

EH Series | Single phase | 2 MPPTs

The EH Series is an energy storage inverter compatible with high voltage Li-Ion batteries (85 to 460V), offering a highly flexible system design. Its “Battery Ready” feature provides a future-proof solution, allowing users to easily add battery storage later with an activation code. Ideal for residential PV systems, it supports a maximum DC input current of 16A per string and pairs well with high-power PV modules. The inverter ensures a stable and reliable power supply with UPS-level switching (under 10 ms) and peak shaving capabilities.

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GoodWe Batteries​

The GoodWe Lynx F G2 Series high-voltage battery is a perfect modular energy storage solution, especially when paired with GoodWe EH and ET series inverters. Offering a capacity range from 6.4 kWh to 28.8 kWh, it can be expanded by connecting up to 8 towers in parallel, making it suitable for both residential and commercial systems.

The system is easy to install and maintain thanks to its stackable, self-detecting modules. Utilizing reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology, it ensures maximum safety and a longer lifespan.

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