Trina Solar’s new generation Vertex S+ series leverages advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology and a 210mm platform. The monofacial NEG9R.28 module features an ultra-slim dual-glass design (1.61.6mm) that is lightweight and easy to install, ensuring high power generation, reliability, and safety. With a white rear encapsulant, this model delivers up to 445Wp and an efficiency of 22.3%. It has a compact surface area of just under 2 square meters (17621134*30mm) and is framed with black aluminum.

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Trina Solar panels, and particularly the Vertex S+ range enjoy many technical advantages. As a result of this, Trina Solar can have better performance, as well as overall more electricity output with their solar products. This is evident when compared with other panels. Trina Solar can offer consumers many benefits, which include:

  • Up to 25 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty
  • 22.8% module efficiency using high-density interconnect technology
  • Utilizes multi-busbar technology for superior light trapping, reduced series resistance, improved current collection, and enhanced reliability.
  • Lowers installation costs thanks to higher power output and efficiency
  • Enhances performance in warm climates with a low temperature coefficient and optimal operating temperature
  • Upgraded dual glass for Vertex S, reducing susceptibility to micro-cracks and scratches during installation
  • Fire class rating C
  • First-year degradation of 1% and annual degradation of only 0.4%
  • Easy integration, compatible with existing mainstream inverters 
  • Highly valuable for low load capacity rooftops, with weight comparable to backsheet versions

Trina Solar Panel | 440NEG9R.28

Great visual appearance : Designed with appearance in mind.

More Power per Square Metre : Small in Size, Bigger on Power

25 Years Product Warranty: The Trina Solar product warranty covers 25 years and 30 Years power warranty.

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