Tips for getting the most out of your solar system

Tips for Getting the Most of Your Solar System

So, you’ve finally invested in solar and are eager to reap the financial and environmental rewards. However, did you know that most people with solar panels have no idea how much energy they’re producing, how much electricity their household consumes or whether they are actually getting the most out of their solar system? You don’t want to be one of those people. 

Luckily, we are here to help. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your solar system, which will help you to pay off your system faster, pull less power from the grid and even create a surplus of energy to sell back to your electricity provider.


Regular Maintenance is KEY!

Did you know that things like mould, dirt, bird droppings and overgrown trees reduce the amount of light your panels receive? These may seem like small things; however, when it comes to solar, they can be a massive hindrance to getting the most out of your panels.  


The solution? Keep them clean!

Untitled design 300x205 - Tips for Getting the Most of Your Solar SystemIdeally, you should clean the surface of your solar panels once every 6-12 months and trim back any trees that are shading your roofline and panels to ensure peak performance.

And while we are on the topic of performance, having a professional inspect your panels is imperative when it comes to the regular maintenance of your solar system.

Just like how you would service your car regularly, your solar system requires the same treatment.

The team at Omega Solar + Batteries recommend you service your solar system once every two years to see your system maintain the maximum return possible for the lifetime of your system.

Plus regular servicing helps us to identify problems and fix them before they start costing you money or see you potentially void your warranty!

Make hay while the sun shines

Tips for getting the most out of your solar system 300x176 - Tips for Getting the Most of Your Solar SystemWe all know that solar panels only produce electricity during the day, so if you’re looking to make the most out of your system, you’re going to want to use as much of that free electricity as you can while the sun is shining.

Even if you work during the day, you can still make the most of these sunlight hours by setting timers on appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

Better yet, monitor your system’s output and learn when your solar powers are the most productive. If you know when your panels are producing at their peak, you can determine the best times to run your appliances. 

On a high feed-in tariff? Did you know that if you are on high feed-in tariff of 50c with your electricity retailer, it is actually recommended to use your appliances in the evening!

Why you might ask? Reason being, when your solar is producing the most (during the day when the sun is shining) you are maximising the high feed-in your receive, and using your appliances when the sun goes down may likely cost you less.

Upgrade those appliances

Tips for getting the most out of your solar system2 300x176 - Tips for Getting the Most of Your Solar System

Appliances with rechargeable batteries are a great way to utilise solar energy. If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances, consider products such as cordless kettles and vacuum cleaners, which you can charge during the day and run off battery power in the night.

Additionally, consider models that have high energy star ratings. This is a great way to cut down on power usage, as new models with high ratings have been designed to use as little energy as possible.

One at a time, please!

Many of us don’t realise that the number of appliances you can power for free is limited by the size of your solar system and the amount of electricity the appliance draws. However, a good way to use less electricity and make the most out of your solar system is simply to use just one appliance at a time.

Need some help? Consider vacuuming after the dishwasher has finished its cycle, rather than at the same time, have your shower before you use the washing machine and turn on the television after you have cooked dinner. This should be an easy change to make and help you get more out of your solar panels. Why not try and make some of these small changes today?

The investment that keeps on giving…

Tips for getting the most out of your solar system 1 300x176 - Tips for Getting the Most of Your Solar SystemWe hope you are feeling more educated on your solar investment and are armed with a few top tips you can take away today, to start getting a little bit more out of your solar!

These simple tips could mean you pay off you system earlier, become less grid dependant and keep your system in tip top shape for years to come.

If it has been over two years since your last service, we recommend you get in touch with the “We Care” solar family today to book your regular audit and clean.

And don’t forget, we’re always on-hand to answer any questions you might have and will continue to share our top tips on getting the most out of your system.

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