Commercial Solar Services

We take pride in our reputation. We understand that a business investing in solar energy is a big decision. We take the hassle and worry out of solar energy by providing a high quality service. When you install a solar system with Omega Solar+Batteries, you are investing in a highly structured cleaning and maintenance schedule. We specialise in the following commercial solar services:

  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • System Capacity Increases
  • Energy Storage
  • Design and Specification Assistance


Omega Solar+Batteries has access to back to base cutting-edge monitoring software. This allows us to monitor real-time data showing your solar systems performance. We are notified immediately if our software detects any irregularities with your system, meaning we can act fast, minimizing any inconvenience or downtime of your system. Our technology allows us to deliver our commercial solar services quickly and efficiently.


Our commercial clients are treated to premium scheduled services that ensure your system is guaranteed to perform at its capacity. Our service program involves a full inspection of electrical components, analyzing historical data and completing repairs as needed. We also have the tools available to provide you with a thermal imaging survey. This can help identify any faults that can develop within solar modules.


Often, commercial PV systems are more susceptible to dust and debris. Due to this, there is much more importance placed on enforcing more rigorous cleaning procedures. Omega Solar+Batteries ensures frequent cleaning cycles are put in place to remove any excess built-up dirt, grime, dust or debris. Without these strict processes in place, the performance and efficiency of your panels are in jeopardy.

System Capacity Increases

We encourage businesses to expand and look at ways to make themselves more profitable. Investing in solar energy should be a positive investment. Without investing properly in your businesses’ energy production, any future expansions will be limited. We can expand your current system to the appropriate size. Expansion options also includes applications to the local supply authorities and the merging of the new and existing systems.

Energy Storage

Battery storage solutions are still a developing technology within the solar industry. Significant advancements have been made and viable solutions are now available for businesses. Storing surplus energy instead of distributing it to the grid can have positive benefits on your electricity bills. Adding a battery storage solution may also improve your peak demand usage, helping to cut down your energy bill.

Design and Specification Assistance

We can provide an expert opinion on new building developments. Omega Solar+Batteries regularly assists architects and engineers with solar specifications for new building developments. We provide expert opinions on your designs prior to the tender process. Our commercial solar services are tailored to each client, delivering the best outcome each and every time.