Saving Electricity in Winter

As those degrees start dropping, Australians are not immune to the urge to throw on the heater and start taking extra-long showers to keep cosy. Read up on how to stay warm in the winter months without sending your electricity bill soaring!


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Before you reach for the heater remote, rug up in your warmest clothes and throw on a blanket. Since we’re so used to wearing fewer layers, changing your mindset on dressing for the temperature will help decide whether you need an extra heating measure. Take a hot water bottle to bed too to stay warm overnight. Same goes for warmer sheets and thicker bedding, while it’s an investment up front it will serve you for many winters to come and save you in the long run.


Get the Most from Your Heating

Some days, you can be super prepared, but sometimes the extra step of electric heating is a necessity for comfort. When you do need to use the heater, make sure you’re getting the most out of it and not wasting its efforts (and electricity!). Some extra tips for getting the most out of your heating include:

  • Only heat the room you’re in, closing off doors to other rooms
  • Minimise drafts by covering large gaps under doors
  • If available, use split system air conditioning as opposed to a free standing fan heater as they are much more energy efficient


Time Those Showers

This one is tough, especially on cold mornings! Heating water is the second largest use of energy in Australian homes, so it’s definitely worth cutting back. Time your showers for the recommended three minutes and reap the rewards later! You can use an in-shower timer or play some favourite songs to keep track of the minutes – your wallet will thank you.


Invest in Solarlocal solar installation 300x169 - Saving Electricity in Winter

The ultimate way to save money on every electricity bill is to invest in solar energy. It’s more affordable than you think! Contact us to learn more about making the switch to clean energy.


If you’re already using solar, a battery is an excellent next step to get even more out of your system and draw less energy from the grid by using stored energy. Talk to us today to find out more.

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