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Solar Installation

In 2018, over two million homes were recorded to have PV solar systems installed in their homes. With 1 in 5 homeowners now having rooftop solar, reporting an average savings of $540 a year, there’s never been a better time to book a FREE site inspection with a residential solar Energy Systems installer! 

With solar panels more affordable than ever for your home on the Gold Coast, you can now:

    • Lower your electricity bill
    • Add to the value of your home
    • Utilise Government supported rebates
    • All through a family operated, well-established residential solar systems installer.
Before making the switch, learn more about solar below.

A lifetime of
renewable energy
With a Leading
Residential Solar Installer

Types of Residential Solar Systems in Gold Coast

Grid connect solar

Grid connect solar is one of the most common solar system set-ups in Australia. This design simply means that a residential solar panel installer will ensure your system is connected to the mains electricity grid. Because of this, your system does not require the use of solar storage (i.e., batteries). Any excess electricity generated is fed back to the grid, where you will be credited a feed-in tariff by your electricity retailer (think Energex or Alinta Energy)

Hybrid solar

In the Australian market, a ‘hybrid’ system simply describes a solar power system that connects to the grid and has a solar storage solution. This allows you to store any excess energy to use at night time, decreasing your electricity bill. Once the battery is fully charged, any excess energy produced is then fed into the grid. If you aren’t a big energy user, there’s the potential to EARN money from your solar system in this case.

Battery ready solar

Although this isn’t the most common type of system in Australia, it’s the one we recommend most often to our customers. There are a few reasons for this: Firstly, we know that the Queensland Government is going to introduce more solar loans for batteries. Secondly, battery technology, whilst advancing, is still a heavy investment for a lot of homeowners. And thirdly, we want to sell the best possible solar system that is going to generate the biggest return for our customers. That could mean recommending a solar solution that doesn’t include a battery right now. We address all these issues by installing our customers with a high-quality solar system that is battery ready. So that when the government loans roll-out, or battery prices drop to a more affordable price, we’ll be around to install your brand new battery storage solution.


The “We Care” Solar Family

Omega Solar+Batteries provides our customers with more than just a simple solar system installation. We go beyond with our extensive Omega Care program that keeps your system optimised for its entire lifetime. We welcome you to our “We Care” solar family and invite you to enjoy the benefits our service provides you.

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Omega Solar + Batteries Journey

No obligation phone call

Our solar advisor will evaluate your home’s potential for solar. They’ll use advanced imagery and discuss your electricity. This will all be over in less than 10 minutes.

Custom solar system design

After the call, our solar advisor will work to deliver you a tailor-made system. They will ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Expert solution and design

Our solar consultant will then review the design and put together a proposal that highlights the costing, energy production and system specifications.

Final design selection

You will receive a proposal from a leading Residential Solar Energy Systems installer in Gold Coast (that's us). Customer satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE priority. If you require any tweaks or changes to our proposed design, say no more!

1. Solar System Installation
Once the system and proposal designs are finalized, we organize a time that works for you to install your system*

2. Lifetime support and system care
We provide you a lifetime of ongoing care and support. We will work tirelessly to ensure your system is always working to maximum capacity.

*Once we have completed the install, we will submit the required form to the relevant authority to have your system connected to the grid. This can take up to 48 working days in the case of Energex now. As demand settles, the time will eventually return to the normal 10 working day time frame.

Finance Options

Interest-Free Loans for Solar Systems

The Queensland Government is continuing to offer interest-free loans for eligible customers. This loan can be used to purchase a solar energy system over a 7-year repayment term. If you are currently receiving Family Tax Benefit B, and meet other eligibility requirements, you can apply. Applications for the loan will close once funding is exhausted OR on 30th June 2019.

Finance Through a Funding Group

We can also offer the purchase of your solar system through a Funding Group. Once you complete a simple application process, you will be able to agree to repayment terms easily and start enjoying the savings your solar system brings you. Make sure you match the criteria to speed up the application process:

+ Over 18 years of age
+ Own and occupy the property
+ Australian permanent resident or citizen
+ Finance amount is <$20k
+ Projected electricity expenses with solar (including finance repayments) is <50% of electricity cost without solar
+ No arrears on most recent electricity bill (bill smoothing is acceptable)
+ Clear VEDA score