What is Omega Care?

Omega Care is our fully supported service platform for all customers. Just like a car, the ongoing maintenance of your solar system is vital to ensure that it’s performance doesn’t fall below your expectations. This is not only frustrating for you, but it also means you aren’t able to claim the full financial benefits available. We eliminate this potential for future frustration with Omega Care. We offer customers a discounted annual audit, service and clean for the lifetime of your system. Knowing that you have support you can trust gives you piece of mind. Having your system optimised regularly during its life guarantees you get the best possible return on your investment. Not to mention that securing the minimum annual service without the hassle keeps your warranties in use, reducing the risks of voided warranty claims in the future.

Why Choose the Omega Care Package?


Omega Solar+Batteries has been installing and servicing solar systems since 2008. With over 10 years’ experience in solar, we have an extensive knowledge regarding fault codes or system performance issues. This allows us to immediately identify any issues that may occur with your system, reducing downtime and inconvenience. We can also identify when only specific parts need replacing, keeping your costs as low as possible.


Omega Solar+Batteries has access to comprehensive diagnostic tools that will allow us to identify the cause of any solar system issue. This ensures we can obtain the most affordable and effective solution that will have your system performing at its best in no time. We provide our dedicated service team with extensive training to ensure every home and solar system is treated like our own.


We don’t believe homeowners should have to incur ridiculous extra costs to enjoy their solar system. We understand that solar is a very big financial decision for a lot of families, and we want to help ALL families have access to clean energy. Because of our vision, we offer homeowners a lower cost service program, that will keep their system optimised during its lifetime, without causing a significant impact.