10 Years of Servicing Experience

Omega Solar+Batteries have been servicing solar maintenance,  inverters and solar panels for over 10 years. A high-quality solar system is becoming an essential for home and business owners to reduce energy costs. In order to have peace of mind, regular maintenance and servicing is an important process that should be followed. Our clients have reported up to a 30% increase in solar generation after a service was scheduled when a problem was suspected. Our solar system services on the Gold Coast come with reports that are necessary to claim warranty on any under performing component of your system. Each service visit will include:

  • Full diagnostic of your solar system
  • Cabling check
  • Fasteners and connectors check and tightening
  • Assistance with any warranty or insurance claims
  • Full report emailed to you based on findings
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Suspect Underperforming Solar?

With over 10 years of servicing experience, we have an extensive knowledge of all brands of solar maintenance, inverters and solar panels. We don’t believe in recommending entirely new solar systems when a simple part replacement can solve the issue. We have access to many older systems that we can use to help repair your system rather than replace it. This means it will cost you a fraction of what it would to replace the entire system with a new one. Can’t get in contact with your original solar installer? We can help. All of our servicing assessments will provide you with the documents needed to make any warranty claims should faulty equipment be the reason for your system under performing. Scheduling Omega Solar+Batteries to regularly service your solar system once a year will see your system maintain the maximum return possible for the lifetime of the system. Contact us for more information about solar maintenance in Gold Coast 

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Why Choose Us?

With over 10 years of experience, we’re well equipped to troubleshoot and service your system. Here is why our clients choose Omega Solar+Batteries for their solar system servicing:


Omega Solar+Batteries has been servicing solar energy systems for over 10 years. This experience means it is rare for us to find an inverter we haven't seen before. We use this knowledge to save you money on replacing an entire system when a simple part replacement would fix the issue.


We offer complete support for existing and new customers to Omega Solar+Batteries. Our friendly service team is on hand to answer your calls and can even help you troubleshoot over the phone to save you a call out fee from a qualified technician.


We have access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools that identify exactly what the root cause of your system issue is. We can then recommend the most effective and cost-friendly solutions to you. These tools allow us to have your system up and running quickly and without a great cost.


We monitor all of our installations using cutting-edge technology. Using real-time data, we inspect each installation daily to ensure they are performing to maximum capacity with no issues. We are notified immediately if there is a suspected issue and are onsite that day to rectify.