LG Electronics Solar Energy


LG Electronics, Inc. (LG) is a global leader and technological innovator in consumer-based electronics. In 2018, they turned over more than $61bn. They earned more than the next 11 leading solar panel manufacturers combined. LG has been able to maintain its dominance within the solar industry as it continues to manufacture leading TVs, appliances, communication devices, lighting solutions and solar modules. The history of their impressive solar division starts in the mid-1980s. LG devoted its time towards solar technology research and development by starting the R&D team. LG considers the investment in solar a growth engine for the entire business.

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LG panels, and particularly the NeON panel range enjoy many technical advantages. As a result of this, LG can have better performance, as well as overall more electricity output with their solar products. This is evident when compared with other panels (backed by Choice magazine Australia). LG can offer consumers many benefits, which include:

  • 25-year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty
  • Tier 1 Panel Ranking by Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Maximising roof space for future expansions
  • Proven field performance
  • 8 % lower degradation than industry standard
  • Sleek design options
  • And many more

Solar Panel | LG NeON® 2

Great visual appearance : Designed with appearance in mind.

More Power per Square Metre : Similar physical size to many conventional 260W panels. This means with the LG NeON® 2 you get 29% more electricity per square metre than a 260W panel.

25 Years Product Warranty (Parts & Labour) : The LG product warranty covers 25 years. The warranty includes replacement labour and transport.

LG Neon 2 Solar panels - LG Solar
LG Chem solar battery - LG Solar

Energy Storage | LG Chem RESU10kW

5kWh energy capacity

Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight solar battery design

Powerful performance: New RESU series features industry-leading continuous power

Install: Indoor/outdoor and wall-mounted/standing

Dimensions: 452mm x 654mm x 120mm (52kg)

Manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years