Solar Panels

Gold Coast Solar Company Omega Solar + Batteries only provide Clean Energy Council approved Tier One panels. Our range of solar panels come supplied with a 25 year parts and labour manufacturer warranty to secure your investment. Saving money and adding value to your home has become easier with solar.

Solar Inverters

Effective energy management is essential to meet your local grids energy needs. Our recommended solar inverters allow energy to be taken at specific times from the grid, and make it accessible again when you need it without dips in energy. Reliable and cost effective, exactly what a solar inverter should be.


Solar batteries are becoming a more affordable option to maximise the value of your solar system. With a solar battery solution you can harness the sun's energy during the day and use your excess energy produced during the night. This can completely eliminate your electricity bill and even MAKE you money.



Omega Solar+Batteries are a locally owned family business. We have been actively installing solar systems for the wider community since 2008. Our Director and chief solar technician grew up and trained on the Gold Coast and is committed to serving and giving back to the local area. We achieve this through affordable solar systems that make a real, positive impact on our customers electricity bills.

With over 10 years experience in the solar industry, our local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system.

We treat you as family, from first contact, to installation and beyond with a lifetime of support for your solar system.

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Before you start your journey towards solar energy, please enjoy this FREE guide homeowners designed by the Clean Energy Council

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Clean Energy Council Approved solar retailer

The “We Care” Solar Family

Omega Solar+Batteries provides our customers with more than just a simple solar system installation.

Is Your Solar System Underperforming?

Solar Support

We offer customers a discounted annual audit, service and clean for the lifetime of your system. Knowing that you have support you can trust gives you piece of mind.

Solar Optimization Check

Solar Optimisation Check

Guarantees best possible return of investment.

Solar Experience

Omega Solar+Batteries has been installing and servicing solar systems since 2008.


Access to comprehensive diagnostic tools that will allow us to identify the cause of any solar system issue.

Affordable Solution

We understand that solar is a big investment for a lot of families, and we want to help ALL families have access to clean energy.

Our Solar Services

Renewable Energy
residential solar installer


In 2017, over two million homes were recorded to have PV solar systems installed in their homes. Due to the advancement of solar technology, investing is now becoming more viable for all homeowners, and is no longer seen as a luxury item for your home.

commercial solar installer


We have been actively providing solar energy solutions within South East Queensland since 2008. With the increase in commercial businesses taking up PV solar system solutions, we have committed ourselves to providing custom energy solutions on projects up to 100kW.

Gold Coast solar company Omega Solar and Batteries


From residential to commercial, we provide expert guidance and advice in the design, installation and servicing stages of solar energy.

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Residential Systems Installed
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Battery Systems Installed
Commercial Solar Projects
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Finance Options

  • Interest-Free Loans for Solar Systems
  • Finance with Brighte
  • Finance through Classic Funding Group

Omega Care

Omega Care is our fully supported service platform for all customers. Just like a car, the ongoing maintenance of your solar system is vital to ensure that it's performance doesn't fall below your expectations.

Solar Essentials

We harness this energy by installing solar panels and convert it to electricity. This process gives solar energy the capability to power your home and heat elements (air and water).