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Omega Solar & Batteries Can Expedite Your Solar Installation Needs

Having 24/7 access to electricity is a necessity because it has become a part of modern life and one cannot imagine a world without it. Virtually every aspect of human life now depends on electricity. It is used for lighting rooms, working fans, air conditioning, television, as well as domestic appliances like using electric stoves and microwaves. All these provide comfort to people. Omega Solar & Batteries has been working for over a decade, ensuring that every solar panel installed saves the consumer some money. They offer the best solar panels and installation solutions with experienced technicians. The company also has the best price on the market, in addition to their excellent customer support services.

Nowadays, different forms of energy are available to consumers. Knowing how to fully utilize each of these energy sources is important. While renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and relatively harmless to the environment, fossil fuel is not. That is why today, solar energy is one of the widely used renewable energy sources. 

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Over the years, solar panel installation has become popular owing to the several benefits that can be derived from it, which are highlighted below:

Free Energy: solar panels capture free energy from the sunlight and convert it to electricity. This is why it is the cleanest energy source out there. Besides, solar energy is not subject to price variations and is unlimited. Installing one for the roof is not difficult. 

Clean Energy Source: as mentioned above, solar energy is gotten from the sun via solar panels for supplying homes, and it’s devoid of pollution. The amazing thing about solar panels is that they can resist any weather condition. They can also work properly during unfavorable weather conditions like when it’s snowing or raining. Therefore, those living in extremely cold regions or with torrential rainfall don’t have to worry about anything.

Economical: installing solar panels significantly lowers the electricity bill and helps save money since it can be used not only as an electricity supply but also as a healing method. The only cost of solar is its installation and maintenance.

Low or no Maintenance Cost: the easiest part of using solar panels for homes or businesses is in its maintenance. And just carrying out a routine cleaning on the panels is usually enough to guarantee a smooth solar experience.

From the examples above, it’s obvious there are numerous benefits to having solar panels. However, finding the right company that will offer the best possible solar panels and installations is an overwhelming task. That is where Omega Solar & Batteries comes in.

Speaking about their services, Nicole Travers-Jones said, “We have over 10 years of experience in the solar industry. Our local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system. We treat our customers as family, from the first contact to installation and beyond with a lifetime of support for their solar systems.”

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Commenting on the quality of services received from the company, a customer, Liz Hansen said, “Our installation was carried out in a very professional and organized manner. Everything went so smoothly. Thanks to Greg and the team. If you are considering solar panels for your home, I would definitely recommend Omega Solar + Batteries Gold Coast.”

Omega Solar & Batteries is a reputable solar installation company based in Gold Coast but extends its services to other surrounding areas, such as South of Brisbane River, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay. The company is prepared and ready to assist clients who need new solar panels for uninterrupted power supply.

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About Omega Solar & Batteries

Omega Solar & Batteries is a locally owned family business. They have been actively installing solar systems for the wider community since 2008. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, their local knowledge and staff have helped over 6000 happy families through the process of designing and installing their PV solar system.

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