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Troubleshooting Fronius Fault Code 567

Fronius Fault Code 567 - Troubleshooting Fronius Fault Code 567

Fronius Fault Code 567

The Fronius Fault Code 567 can be a tricky one to diagnose. If your Fronius GALVO/SYMO/PRIMO is displaying this inverter fault it does not mean it has an internal fault. Your inverter will still function, however it is just not generating the amount of power necessary to function properly.

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What does the Fronius Fault Code 567 mean?

The STATE 567 fault code notifies the owner that the Grid Voltage Dependent Power Reduction (GDPVR) function is still working, but the error lies elsewhere. It occurs when the voltage of the electricity grid is higher than it should be. Due to the discrepancy in voltage, the inverter reduces its own power output to maintain the acceptable grid voltage limits. So even though the inverter is still functioning, its performance and power production is significantly limited. This is an obvious issue for solar owners as your system won’t be working to its maximum capacity. 

Troubleshooting Steps

Before troubleshooting this fault it’s important to note that the GDPVR setting is an Australian Standards requirement. This means that the troubleshooting options available are limited. These options include:

Inverter Setting Adjustment

All Fronius GALVO/PRIMO/SYMO inverters are installed with automatic GDPVR settings just in case of grid voltage exceeding 250V. In some scenarios, energy providers (i.e., Energex) may authorize and adjust the setting from 250V > 255V for you. This adjustment will clear the fault code. Accredited solar electricians are the only tradesmen authorized to adjust grid voltage settings. Only the local electricity provider can give them the authorization required to be able to adjust the setting. Your electricity provider could be different to your electricity retailer, as they are the utility body that maintains the entire electricity network in your area. You can also contact the solar company that completed your solar system installation to verify that the inverter settings meet your electricity provider’s requirements. Ensure you confirm with the company who installed your inverter for the most accurate information.

Grid Voltage

There are cases where a Fronius inverter was installed with the GVDPR setting at the maximum permitted level, and the STATE 567 fault code was triggered. In these circumstances, voltages on the grid need to be assessed to determine where the fault lies. This assessment should ideally be performed during the middle of a sunny day with the inverter switched off. If the measured voltage is high (over 255V), your electricity provider should be notified. As your electricity provider is obligated to provide their electricity network with a stable grid voltage under 255V, they will investigate your high voltage for you.

Voltage Rise in AC Cables

If the fault code is being displayed even after the previous two troubleshooting steps have been completed, the fault may be caused by voltage rise. If this is the case, you need to contact your original solar installer and have them examine this for you. A maximum of 2% voltage rise is allowed on all solar installations. If voltage rise exceeds this, upgrading the AC cables being used at your property could fix the problem.

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