Solar Energy in Layman’s Terms Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips Part One

Winter Energy Saving Tips - Winter Energy Saving Tips Part One

Winter Energy Saving Tips Series

Electricity bills can be a nightmare for anybody. This statement comes as no surprise considering the rising energy costs.  Families and businesses are being but under constant financial pressure. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort in winter just to save some money on your bill. This is why the team at Omega Solar+Batteries is here to help you survive the colder months without having to sacrifice comfort for you and your family. With winter fast approaching, here’s how you can save with Omega! Here are our top nine ​winter energy saving tips.

CRAFTING a good - Winter Energy Saving Tips Part One

First Place to Start?

We wouldn’t be a solar energy retailer without suggesting the switch to solar energy. This is a cost-effective way to get on top of your electricity bill for the long term. With electricity prices only set to increase in the coming years, switching to renewable energy sooner will net you higher savings long-term. Take advantage of the healthy Government rebates available and consider the switch to solar.

Solar technology has become more advanced and affordable than ever. Solar panels and battery storage are the most preferred option for renewable energy. This is because they are readily available, convenient and allow you to generate and store your own clean energy.


Simple Winter Energy Saving Tips

These changes will show you that even the smallest changes can make a big difference to your energy costs.

Firstly, find out what consumes the most energy… target these appliances and reduce their use. You can conduct your own energy audit with a wattmeter (these may be available either from your local council or at an electronics store).

Review your Tariffs

Identify the best tariff choice for your heating/hot water to reduce your costs. Start by inspecting your electricity bill or contacting your electricity provider to access more information regarding Tariffs.

Rethink your schedule

For solar systems without battery storage, consider running most of your bigger appliances during the day. Run your dishwasher, do your laundry, or consider using time delays for the oven, slow cooker, laundry, etc. As solar energy is only generated during the day, try getting the most out of your solar panels during this time. Utilise free solar energy during the day and potentially save money by using less energy during expensive peak times (which most commonly are the early morning and evening). To receive more information regarding off-peak times to better consume less expensive energy, check your electricity bill or contact your electricity provider.

Stay draught free

Ensure your house is closed and secure to seal off draughts. Closing doors and windows are the first steps. You can even go further by installing draught excluders, weather-stripping doors and sealing any holes or cracks with silicone. This not only reduces your reliance on heating, but also always keeps your house secure.

Monitor your hot water

Take shorter showers (1 minute less can equal up to 9 litres saved on most newer showerheads) and even wash your clothes in cold water.

Lower your Thermostat

Save approximately 3% on energy use for each degree you lower your heating system

Make the most of your winter woolies

Combat the cold weather through more sustainable methods such as warm PJs, slippers and bed socks. Ensure you still get a good night’s rest by using extra doonas or blankets. Don’t forget to layer your clothing (thermal leggings, tops, a down jacket or vest).

Think full when it comes to appliances

Use your appliances when they are full! It is more efficient because you will need to use these less often, saving energy.

Monitor your system

Ensure you are always on top of your energy usage by checking your solar monitoring software. Don’t have solar? Look around for an appropriate monitoring system to install. Your most recent electricity bill is a great place to start.

Wash in Cold Water

Wash your clothes on a cold-water cycle. This can save you up to $115 a year in electricity costs.

So there are our top nine simple winter energy saving tips. Of course our first tip is always to switch to solar. Although there is a financial cost to consider when switching, this can be managed through payment plans. Not to mention you can take advantage of government subsidies and no-interest loans.

Check with your solar energy provider to see what Government solar subsidies you are entitled to. Your energy bills will decrease as you pay back the cost of your solar installation in Brisbane. On the right subsidy, you will be compensated at a rate agreed on by your solar energy provider for any excess solar energy fed back into the grid.

Don’t just take our word for it, Choice (2018) estimated that in Brisbane, the average time for a 5kW solar system to essentially pay for itself in 4 years. Once fully paid off, your solar system will continue to save you money for its entire lifetime. Of course the amount you save will vary depending on different factors. This includes your energy consumption, the time of day you consume the most power, and whether your solar system has the capacity to store solar energy.

Ready for the next step?

If you’re ready to join the “We Care” solar family, Contact us today and have a chat with our team! We’re always on-hand to answer any questions you might have or book a site inspection for your property. Our design work is the highest quality and with over 10 years of experience we have extensive knowledge of the best design for you. 

Save money in winter with Omega Solar+Batteries 

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